Charter Miami and the Florida Keys

Miami and the Florida Keys are Completely Different by Boat

 Miami downtown from the water

A yacht charter in Miami and the Florida Keys combines the high-energy of a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural and distinctive metropolis with the sultry and seductive chain of islands and islets arcing a path to the extreme merrymaking, southernmost point of Key West.

Embark from the natural shelter of Miami Harbor, launch the water toys to splash about Key Biscayne, then pull up anchor and leave civilization, as you know it.  The full experience of the Florida Keys can ONLY be appreciated from the water. It’s a WHOLE different thing to drive down on the International Hwy as opposed to seeing and experiencing the Keys from the deck of a yacht.

By land, the Keys can be seen as over-commercialized and even cheesy. I assure you that sailing or motoring down on a yacht is DIFFERENT.

boat hovering over the water

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