8 Crucial Tips for First Time Charters

Mega Yacht plowing through the water

We understand that yacht chartering for the first time can be a little confusing and intimidating. We are here to help you understand and feel comfortable about coming to us with any questions you may have. First time yacht charterers are very important to us and we hope to deliver the proper satisfaction.

Feel free to contact us with ANY information you may need. In the meantime here’s a quick list of basic information to make your experience a little easier.

St. Martin: Jewel of the Eastern Caribbean

St. Martin main island city at night

This the first of two blog posts that address charter cruising in the Leeward Islands; this first chapter addresses St. Martin: Jewel of the Eastern Caribbean. We have researched it in depth for you and entitled this piece:

Saint Maarten/Saint Martin: Yachting that Doubles the Pleasure

St. Martin is an enticing mélange of Old World elegance and Caribbean flair. The island is half Dutch, although a recent vote created the independent country of Sint Maarten, occupying 34 km2.

Boating in Paradise: The Pristine Bahamas Beckon

Mother and daughter strolling on beach

Imagine cruising through the pristine islands of the Bahamas, gin clear water, miles of empty beach, spectacular reefs teeming with life, world-class sportfishing and diving, sun-drenched days and night skies with a trillion stars.

The Bahamas is all about exploring above and below the water line. In addition to the world’s most breathtaking beaches and astonishing seas, you will discover quaint towns, historical sites, and superb resorts.

Let these regional highlights of the two most popular island groups, the Exumas and the Abacos, inspire you to book your perfect paradise Bahamas luxury yacht charter.