Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm, Key West, in fact all South Florida destinations are the best in the world for all kinds of vacation events like yacht charters and boat rentals for Vacations, Honeymoons, Weddings, Rehearsal dinners, Parties, Dinners, and Business meetings.

American Yacht has the best selection of vacation and honeymoon, dinner party, vacation and corporate yachts and cruises at the best prices available. We specialize in corporate incentive cruises too.

The best times of year for Florida and the Keys are Spring, Summer and Fall. In winter, believe it or not, Miami can get quite quite cold. At least by OUR standards. Perhaps if you live in Canada or Alaska you’ll find it nice any time of year. In winter, our temperatures can be between 50 and 70 degrees  and subject to cold fronts that go through on their way out to sea.  So the “shoulder” seasons are best March to May /June and October and November are ideal. Summer is really nice for the natives but some people find the heat and the humidity to be excessive. There are also possible occasional Hurricanes between June and October.

Where to go in Florida?

There are some great vacation and holiday itineraries available in Miami and the Keys. Starting in Miami, you have three options to travel Southwards.

a) You can go South using the Intra-coastal Waterway (ICW), This is a very protected route and if the weather takes a turn for the worse you can always duck “inside” and ride the flat waters of Florida Bay using the ICW.

b) The most popular route to run South to the Keys is using Hawk Channel which is on the “Ocean Side” of the Keys but is protected by the Florida Reef that runs from Miami to Key West. So, to keep it simple, Hawk Channel is sandwiched between the reef and the Eastern side of the Keys.

c) The third way to get down to Key West, mostly for larger vessels, is to simply travel on the open ocean, outside the Florida Reef.  BUT since you will be battling against the strong (2-3 knot) Gulf Stream ocean current, your progress will be slowed down accordingly.

For great Florida Yacht charters and yachting vacations, the much maligned (commercialized?) Florida Keys can take on a whole new perspective from the deck of your chartered motor yacht or sailing boat. The Keys offer a better alternative than crossing the unpredictable Gulf Stream to the Bahamas.  The Keys offer a number great itineraries and routes, no matter the weather. We offer a fine selection of both motor and Sailing yachts fully crewed , skipper-only and bareboats as well. If you starting location will be Miami or Fort Lauderdale, give yourself enough time to get down to the upper Keys or the Middle Keys. If Key West is on your agenda, give yourself at least 9 days for the round trip on a sailing vessel or 5 days on a motor-yacht.

People tend to underestimate the distances involved in traveling down the chain of islands to Key West.  It’s 150 Nautical Miles from Miami to Key West.  Which, in practical terms means that a motor yacht traveling at an average of 10 – 12 knots will take about 15 hours NON-STOP to do the distance.  A sailing vessel traveling at an average of 5 knots will take 30 hours of non-stop sailing. Since it’s not advisable to travel by night in the Keys due to the shallow waters and questionable navigation markers, you’re talking a whole lot more time: 2 days on a motor yacht to get to Key West and 3 days on a sailing yacht…!!   And that’s just to just to get there, PLUS another equal amount of time to navigate back to Miami.

Much better to plan your vacation around the upper or middle Keys and spend your time relaxing instead of rushing at full speed for hours and hours. But, hey, it’s your vacation.  Let me tell you a little about the upper Keys and the Middle Keys.

If you are planning your vacation is on the water in Miami and the Keys, our experienced charter specialists can do it better than anyone else – we have the quickest turnaround for quotations and we only offer yachts that match your special requirements. We’ll take good care of you by finding the right vessel or venue in the right place at the right time. Right price too..!! Call us, Skype us, email or message us or use our contact form. 15 years in the business makes us the right choice for UNBIASED and FREE advise.

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