Fully crewed yacht charters are the ultimate vacation experience. The experience of being waited on hand and foot by a trained, professional yacht crew is incomparable.

You can charter a crewed sailing yacht or catamaran, or charter a large luxurious motor or mega yacht. With a varied array of activities at your fingertips, your professional crew can provide water-sports of all kinds, diving, snorkeling, paddle-boarding, kayaking – you your friends, family or associates will never be at a loss for things to do on a fully crewed yacht charter.

Your on-board crewed yacht menus can include unbelievable haute-cuisine or just hamburgers for the kids, you choose your menus and the yacht’s professional crew will prepare it all for you, how you like it and when you want it.


Why Book Crewed Yacht Charters?

If being pampered on a luxury yacht is YOUR thing, a fully crewed yacht charter is the way to go.

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Of course a less-expensive alternative to fully crewed yachts charters would be to use a “skipper-only” arrangement.

This has more advantages in Europe than in the Caribbean, where the food ashore is iffy. The Mediterranean of course is far more varied in it’s fare and you can usually find an excellent little restaurant, taverna or trattoria anywhere you stop.

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