The American maritime tradition originates in New England and cruising and yachting remain  favorite pastimes today. A charter along this incredible coastline  immerses you in the local lifestyle, with everything from sandy beaches to clam bakes to whaling museums.

Some of the architecture dates back centuries, and cobblestone streets still guide visitors to bistros and boutiques. A typical eight-day itinerary combines days of relaxation with days of exploration, and includes stops at the world-famous islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Popular Itinerary For New England Yacht Charters

New England Yacht ChartersAgain, typically, a motor yacht or sailing charter might start in Newport, Rhode Island which is the heart of the New England yachting experience, your next stop might be Block Island which is only 16 nautical miles away.

From there, you could make the 30 nm run to Cuttyhunk Island which is just South of Cape Cod. From there it’s a hop, skip and jump to Martha’s Vineyard and onward, only 20 nm away you will find Nantucket Island, famous for it’s large and fascinating historic district.

On your way back, stop in at Hadley Harbor, with its great anchorage and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Then finish up, at Newport, where you began your charter.

This is one of the many and most popular itineraries in New England. There are, of course many variations on this theme depending on the time you have available and the interests of your family and friends.  Call or email us to discuss options.

America’s Fishing and Maritime tradition

The Grand Banks fishing fleet used to sail from the small ports along the New England coastal water.  An influx of Portuguese immigrant fishermen and their families established a unique culture in certain areas of the New England coast such as New Bedford.

This is also where the hard-scrabble American whaling fleets of old, called home. New England yacht charters can provide you with an insight into the culture and history of this huge maritime tradition.

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