Yachting Preference Sheet

In order to optimize your charter experience and truly make it the best vacation ever, the Captain and Chef of your charter vessel will need to know the complete and very detailed provisioning preferences for you, your family and guests. The PDF download below provides an example of the type of information that is typically required for crewed Mediterranean charters.

Please remember that the preferences need to cover all members of the group and not only those of the person filling out the form. Filling out this form correctly and accurately so that it covers all members of the charter party will ensure that everyone’s tastes are accounted for. This is the key to a great charter vacation.

Under normal circumstances we will not require this information until after the yacht is chosen and your charter is booked, however many clients like review this “preference sheet” before booking to make sure that all the bases are covered.

That is why we are including it as an optional download.

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