No need to look for your passport; North America Yacht Charters themselves has some amazing and unique cruising destinations that are well worth a more in-depth look.

Starting with Florida and the Keys and also New England, the Pacific North West, Alaska and of course Mexico’s Sea of Cortes and the Baja Peninsula. (Yes, you will need a passport for Mexico) The Florida Keys, for example, often written about and sometimes even written-off for being too commercial, are quite different when cruising down on a private yacht or catamaran. New England, of course, is a summer destination, as are Alaska and the Inner-passage of the Pacific North-West that runs from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska.

Prime Locations

Setting sail on a luxury yacht charter in North American waters presents somewhat of a dilemma. Where to begin? The incredibly diverse coastline of North America certainly offers in excess of 200.000kms of bays, cliffs, beaches, coves, seaside towns and inlets to navigate.

Here are some of the most popular locations:


Florida >


Pacific Northwest >


North America Yacht ChartersFlorida is great almost anytime of year, New England is best in July, August and September although there is quite a bit of fog in August. The Pacific Northwest and Alaska have a two month window of July and August. Mexico’s Baja is OK most times of year although there is the summer hurricane season to watch out for.

Many charter yachts escape the summer hurricane season by running up to New England during the summer months, and become available for charter all the way up the New England coast to Maine.  We have tried to describe the North American charter experiences on separate pages on this site. Please click through to the links above.

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