Discovering Asia on a chartered yacht is a unique and amazing adventure you will never forget. It’s an exciting trip and one that you must put on your bucket list of things to do!

The coastlines of Asia are long and tropical and exotic boasting unbelievable natural beauty. If you’re going to plan an Asia boat vacation, the best time of year to do so is from November to August (of course, depending on the specific part of Asia you’re visiting).

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Essentials For An Asia Charter

It’s important to know how the weather can impact your Asia yacht charter. Southeast Asia has a monsoon season that usually starts starts around July and continues through October. Throughout the year temperature hovers around 86°F / 30°C throughout the year. But as in most tropical locations, humidity is ever present and does change depending on the monsoons and the wind.

Areas In Asia To Discover by Boat

The areas in Asia most frequented for yacht charters are Thailand and the Phuket region. These areas have done much to develop their marina development which in turn, entices many sailors from around the world to come for a visit. Whether it’s a crewed yacht charter or a bareboat charter, you can enjoy your Asia yacht charter.

Bali is another amazing destination for an Asia yacht charter. You can create an itinerary that enjoys the amazing amenities that Bali has to offer or simply spend time in the out islands in solitude and relax your stresses away.

Malaysia is a destination that is not to be missed by boat and is a wonderful place to visit.

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