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Bora Bora is another part of the French Polynesian Islands that includes Tahiti. Due to the distance between Tahiti and Bora Bora, we treat it as a separate destination from say Tahiti, since it has it’s own airport and separate crewed yacht fleets and bareboat operating companies.  The island has long been a favorite of sailors, and it still is. A single barrier reef encircles the two islands that make up Bora-Bora. The waters are shallow, especially around the islands, and catamarans are preferred.  (Where were catamarans invented, again?)

Bora Bora Yacht ChartersThe black basalt rock face of Mt. Otemanu rises 2,362 feet above an azure sea, with impressive Mt. Pahia nearby. Both dominate the heights and provide breathtaking views from the anchorages in the lagoon, one of the key attractions because of its superlative snorkeling and swimming. The smaller island, Topua, is all that’s left of the ancient volcano of Bora-Bora. Secure anchorages, white-sand beaches, excellent restaurants, shops, art galleries, luxury resorts, all coupled with that wonderful French atmosphere,  are among the pleasures of a visit to Bora-Bora.

Many visitors equate Bora Bora with resorts with the quaint little cottages on stilts that seem to have found their way into the public psyche.  Let us tell you that a Bora Bora yacht charter in this amazing group of French Polynesian islands is a great experience and probably less expensive too. Some of our guests like to spend some time on land and on the ocean, a kind of “Surf & Turf” adventure. Something to please all members of your family or group of friends.  Keep everyone happy.

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