The Pacific Northwest is very much of a summer destination, as you can imagine.

In fact it pretty much boils down to the two months of July and August. Especially if you wish to include either parts of the Inland Passage or the different routes and itineraries around Juneau and Sitka which are even further North.  Typically, charters in the Pacific North West are divided into two distinct areas.

Pacific Northwest Yacht Charters – Gateway To Inland Passage

Yacht charter in the Pacific NorthWesta) Departures from Seattle, WA or Vancouver, Canada with an itinerary that will take you Northwards up the Inland Passage. You can go as far up the IP as you like, depending on the time you have available and the speed of your charter vessel.  In a week you will probably have time to explore the Northern reaches of the Georgia Straits with it’s wonderful archipelago of islands both large and small.  If you are adventurous people, you can also choose to fly back to Vancouver or Seattle on a small plane from one of the many airstrips in the area.

b) Departure from Juneau, AK, is of course, amazing. Now you are REALLY in the wilds. A typical itinerary can take you from Juneau, South through a veritable maze of islands, sounds, bays and glaciers all the way to Sitka on Baranof Island. Sitka is a unique place with a great history that spans 10,000 years from the time that this whole area was populated by the Tlingit Indians.

Yacht Charter In The Pacific Northwest For Adventure

If you and your group are into heavy duty get-away-from-it-all vacations full of wildlife, this is the place for you. Call or email us for more information.

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