From the standpoint of my family, [ ..the charter on TATIANA..]  it was perfect.  We have been cruising on my own yachts for many years, so we are a bit spoiled, but my family really loved the trip.  Could not have been any better.  Accommodations were fine.  Food was great.  The crew was very good.  I left a 10 per cent tip which I understand from Ms. Solen was more than they normally receive.  I still have to send a portion of the tip to the captains account which I will do today.

FYI I will make the following comments.  Though it did not bother my kids, for me it was not pleasant to have to put used toilet paper into a trash receptacle rather than flush it down the head.  This was a requirement of the captain.  If you are recommending the boat to future clients, I think you might mention that.  As I said, it was only troubling to me and my wife.

The food was great.  A suggestion, have the chef prepare a menu ahead of time for each meal to the guests.  It would not only allow them to make suggestions, but also be prepared for what is coming.  Sometimes we thought we were finished and another entree would appear.  All in all, the food was incredible.  Real snobs might require more gourmet, but this was Turkish fare at it’s best.

We had to suggest to the stewardess that she not bring out such a huge selection of cheeses at breakfast.  Possible she could serve the first one and ask for suggestions.  Anything we asked for, we got.  Both of the stewardesses were perfect. Both of the guys were very good and always very helpful.  The captain did his job very well and kept us informed of his plans and made sure they were satisfactory.

So, I guess you can be sure that we were very pleased with the trip.  The above comments are for your information.

(August 2013)